Yeah Gnar Skaters:

While most skateboarding companies offer sponsorship, a skater usually has to prove themselves before they get picked up by the big brands. Before this happens, a skater will go through countless sets of wheels, bearings, shoes and decks before they even get to the point of needing travel and accommodation costs for competitions. Yeah Gnar wants to support these skaters who have the drive, passion and talent to represent Aotearoa on the International stage while they work their way to sponsorship.

  • Krysta
    Local Skatepark: Washington Way Reserve, Christchurch
    Sponsors: Yeah Gnar NZ, Theeve Trucks, Kudos Skateboards and Cheapskates Palms/Lincoln
    Favorite Skater: Nora Vasconcellos, LIzzie Armanto, Lacey Baker. There's too many of them to name!
    About Krysta: When Krysta isn't skating, she is a mother to a 7 year old daughter and works as a Computer Technician. She has been skating since she was 13, however due to her parents believing skateboarding was "for boys", she struggled to get out on her board to do what she loves. There is nothing stopping her now, and you can find her at her local skatepark nearly every night.
    Achievements: 2016 Canterbury Regional - 1st place Women's Division
    2016 Element Make it Count - 1st place Women's Division
    2017 Canterbury Regional - 1st Place Women's Division.
    2017 Daughters of Doom - Best Trick
    2018 Bowlzilla - 1st place Women's Division
    2018 Girls Skate NZ – 1st Place
    2018 Thomson Park Bowl Jam - 1st Place Women's Division
    2019 New Zealand Vert Nationals - 2nd place Women's Division
    2019 Thomson Park Bowl Jam - 1st place Women's Division
    2019 Kerikeri Vert Jam - 1st place Women's Division

  • Dawson
    Local Skatepark: Washington Way Reserve, Christchurch
    Sponsors: Yeah Gnar NZ
    Favorite Skater: Chris Joslin, Jamie Foy and Shane O'Neil.
    About Dawson: Dawson is from Christchurch, however did spend some time living in Australia before deciding there is no place like home and returning. Thanks to his brother and a few friends from school, he found the love of skating and has been shredding the local parks for just over two years. After dipping a toe this summer in local jams, he is keen to keep going and Yeah Gnar NZ can't wait to back him as he enters the competition scene.
    Achievements: 2018 Prebbleton Skate Jam - 1st place Under 16
    2018 Sumner Mini Jam – 1st place Under 17
    2018 Lincoln Jam - Best Trick

  • Tyler
    Local Skatepark: Washington Way Reserve, Christchurch
    Sponsors: Yeah Gnar NZ
    About Tyler: Tyler comes from Blenheim and after a brief stint in Australia, has moved back to Christchurch eager to hit the New Zealand skate competition circuit this year.
    Achievements: 2018 - Thomson Park Bowl Jam Best Trick
    2019 - Video part in Curb's "A Millon Miles of Fun"