Thomson Park Bowl Jam 2019

After a week of rain and hail, Otautahi turned on the sun for the Thomson Park Bowl Jam. It was a beautiful day of epic skating, where once again both the New Brighton and skateboarding community exceeded all of our expectations. We had skaters who traveled from all around the New Zealand and Australia to come and compete for the title and a share of the $10K prize pool in Bitcoin and products donated by our amazing sponsors. The morning saw all the skaters having to reach deep into their bag of tricks to secure their spot in the top 7 and make the finals. The Yeah Gnar team agree that the best part of the preliminaries was seeing the improvement from the skaters who were competing in their second Thomson Park Bowl Jam, especially in the 16 and under division, as well as the higher level of skating all around. With skateboarding being included in the next Olympics, it is exciting to see what the next generation of skaters have to offer. Thank you to all the people who came down to support the skaters, and also the businesses who sponsored this event. It isn't easy to find sponsors so we hope you all support the people who support New Zealand skateboarding, listed below.

Competition Results

Men’s Open
  • 1st – Niwa Shewry (Taranaki)
  • 2nd – Tom Mitchell (Raglan)
  • 3rd – Dan Kelcher (Christchurch)
  • 4th – Sam Wilson (Wanaka)
  • 5th – Brodie Cahill (Kaiapoi)
  • 6th – Ben Lewis (Christchurch)
  • 7th – Mitch Jordan (Christchurch)
Women’s Open
  • 1st – Krysta Ashwell (Christchurch)
  • 2nd – Holly Reynolds (Christchurch)
  • 3rd – Elizabeth Webb (Christchurch)
  • 4th – Jenna Cathro (Christchurch)
  • 5th – Tegen Demelza (Christchurch)
  • 6th – Naomi Ashwell (Christchurch)
  • 7th – Arnika Rose (Christchurch)
16 and Under
  • 1st – Zedyn Fellows (Wanaka)
  • 2nd – Connor O'Leary (Christchurch)
  • 3rd – Isaiah Godfrey (Christchurch)
  • 4th – Finn Walker (Christchurch)
  • 5th – Max Gardner-Deeming (Christchurch)
  • 6th – Jake Harris (Christchurch)
  • 7th – Felix Griffin (Palmerston North)
  • 1st – Sean Ritchie (Christchurch)
  • 2nd – Chris Wood (Wellington)
  • 3rd – Von Griffin (Palmerston North)
  • 4th – Hayden McDermott (Auckland)
  • 5th – Raph Doidge (Christchurch)
Grom of the Day
  • Tobyn Ruifrok (Christchurch)
Blacklisted Belts Best Slam
  • Tegen Bishop (Christchurch)
Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors :)

Previous events....

Thomson Park Bowl Jam 2018

After a two-year hiatus, Yeah Gnar NZ was proud to bring the Thomson Park Bowl Jam back to the seaside suburb of North New Brighton, Christchurch, over Labour Weekend. When the team began planning, we expected a small number of mostly locals, to enter. However, when skaters started registering from all ends of New Zealand, and a few from overseas, it quickly became clear this bowl jam was going to be more than just a small community event. The competition kicked off with the preliminaries for the Men’s and 16 and Under Divisions, with only 7 spots in the finals up for grabs. The talent in this age group was phenomenal, from our youngest shredder who was only five years old, to the boys fighting to get every inch possible out of their airs. When the Men’s division kicked off, they will all throwing down so hard that many spectators were wondering whether or not they were holding anything back for finals.

After preliminaries, our volunteers got on the BBQ and cooked up a mean sausage sizzle that Yeah Gnar shouted the community as a thank you for supporting the event. 250 sausages later and it was into the finals, beginning with the Women’s Division. You could feel the atmosphere charge up for the finals, and the vibe continued through the Masters and 16 and Under. By the time we got to the Men’s finals, the crowd was truly buzzing, and even the Yeah Gnar team found it hard to keep focused with all the epic skating that was going on around us. It was a truly amazing day, and we could not have pulled such a success for our first ever public event without the support of the New Brighton and the New Zealand skate community. Thank you all for your support and we will see you again next year!

Competition Results

Men’s Open
  • 1st – Dan Kelcher (Christchurch)
  • 2nd – Brodie Jarrett (NSW, Australia)
  • 3rd – Stefan Robin (Christchurch)
  • 4th – Brodie Cahill (Christchurch)
  • 5th – Kyle Monaghan (Christchurch)
  • 6th – Dallas Marshall (Whanganui)
  • 7th – Will Barlett (Dorset, UK)
Women’s Open
  • 1st – Krysta Ashwell (Christchurch)
  • 2nd – Lottie Borra (Dunedin)
  • 3rd – Tegan Bishop (Christchurch)
  • 4th – Chrystal Doller (Wellington)
  • 5th – Jenna Cathro (Christchurch)
  • 6th – Sharee Dowdall (Nelson)
16 and Under
  • 1st – Mitch Jordan (Christchurch)
  • 2nd – Zedyn Fellows (Wanaka)
  • 3rd – Ephiram Stocks (Christchurch)
  • 4th – Isiah Jayde Godfrey (Christchurch)
  • 5th – Hugo Fischer (Christchurch)
  • 6th – Josh (Christchurch)
  • 7th – Connor O’Leary (Christchurch)
  • 1st – Sean Ritchie (Christchurch)
  • 2nd – Shaka Wereta (Christchurch)
  • 3rd – Chris Wood (Wellington)
  • 4th – Ben Reynolds (Christchurch)
  • 5th – Scott Wilkinson (Wellington)